North Tacoma Soccer Club would like to introduce their new Player Development Program, FC Tacoma PDP!
This program will offer supplemental training to players looking to advance their abilities.
These programs will operate year round.
FC Tacoma PDP will follow the proven methodology of ACF Fiorentina, one of the top teams in Serie A.
Giuseppe Pezzano, owner of OSA Soccer Group (Nortac’s player development partner) will also provide training to local coaches. Mr. Pezzano understands the importance of developing local coaches; he will invite ACF Fiorentina certified trainers from abroad to participate in our club’s evolving soccer culture. This will be FREE to ALL coaches in the club!
ACF Fiorentina’s Methodology creator is Professor Vincenzo Vergine. Mr. Vergine has been refining his methodology during his more than 20 years of both practical and academic work. His work includes Italian players both at the youth and senior level. The methodology places an emphasis on the early development of a player’s motor skills, coordination abilities, technical abilities and tactical understanding.
This development of our players and coaches will be under the supervision of Mr. Vergine making FC Tacoma an official ACF Fiorentina satellite club!
The board of directors and myself are excited about this opportunity to offer a proven training method to players interested in improving their game.

Paolo Mottola
Executive Director
North Tacoma SC